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Leap Fund is a financial solution that lifts people over the benefits cliff, creating a path towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Many low-income workers are deciding not to take pay raises, increase their hours at work, or advance in their careers based on the threat of a benefits cliff (essentially: earning a dollar or two more an hour, but as a result, losing public benefits that were worth much more than the income increase).

Leap Fund is changing that: We have built a calculator - the first of its kind - that can predict individualized cliffs, and are piloting a financial vehicle that allows users to defer their income until they earn enough to replace what they’ll lose in benefits.

Leap Fund is creating products that empower optimism, financial and career growth, future planning, and security for low-income families that need it most.

Currently, the Leap Fund team is in an accelerated research and test phase, running a pilot through early 2020.

(Want to see benefits cliffs described more fully? We made benefitscliff.com to make it easier to understand the concept, as well as some of the research, and the proposed legislation.)


Leap Fund Calculator

Create current Financial & Eligibility Picture


See how different life changes affect income


Determine how to bridge the gap between them

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So many in my community could use this. We want to make sure our kids are better off than we are.
— test user

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