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Leap Fund is a financial solution that lifts people over the benefits cliff, creating a path towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Low-income families face a “benefits cliff” as they earn more money or change their household size or status. This happens when public benefits programs phase down or out faster than income rises, leaving families worse off than before. Most families only realize they've hit this cliff after it's already happened.

Currently, the Leap Fund team is in an accelerated research and test phase, piloting the fund over the coming 15 months (through early 2020).


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How It Works

Currently there are no funds or financial vehicles aimed specifically at getting people over the benefits cliff, either before they reach it or after. Yet for high net worth individuals and corporations, there are many tools that can be leveraged to legally defer income or assets.

The Leap Fund solution:

  1. A person uses the Leap Fund calculator to find out if they are likely to hit a benefits cliff.

  2. If they are about to hit a cliff, users will have the option to meet with a free financial counselor to learn about Leap Fund and find out how it works and if they are eligible to join. If they are, they can set up their account right then.

  3. Once they set up their Leap Fund account, additional earnings will be deferred there. Participants will then be able to continue receiving benefits and have access to emergency cash via a loan program if something unexpected arises.

  4. Once the person has reached the end of the benefit cliff, they'll be able to exit the fund with an asset, get off benefits altogether, and either roll over the assets they’ve generated into a tax-free account or take the money and use it however they choose.

So many in my community could use this. We want to make sure our kids are better off than we are.
— test user


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